Spotify and the second golden age of music discoveries

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Back then it was called Napster and it was the shizz.

If you hadn’t tried it, you had heard of it, and when you heard about it, you couldn’t believe it. All the music you could ever hope to listen to, for free and there for the taking. Now pirating music is a no-no and I think we all had that tinge of guilt when we clicked on “download” and the latest chart topper came screaming down from the interwebz and into your library.

So when I heard of Spotify, I figured, this has to be the same thing right?

Well…I don’t know.

It seems that Pandora figured it out and Spotify too has made the connections, making it possible to legally love all your music all the time. A Twitter friend of mine from Denmark sent me my invitation and I must say that from what I’ve seen so far it is quite impressive. Search for an artist by name or song and poof, there is their entire catalog by album. The main difference from Pandora is the ability to save playlists and share them with a very slick social media interface and let peeps know what you like and who you listen to.

Now I did get creative and search to see if I could stump it and find holes in the library and there are, but nowhere near as much as say…Netflix.

I just had to share this little treasure before the word gets out and we all wind up getting screwed out of the deal, but like Napster’s run all those years ago, lets bask in the glow of what we have here. Access to all you can listen to at the touch of a button.

Give it a try here


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