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The Writing — By on July 31, 2011 at 6:11 pm

I saw David’s work and knew immediately that it was right for The Sins of The Family.

This gritty and hard nosed crime drama looks at the Cantu Family and explores their convoluted and violent rise to power. They didn’t set out to build a criminal empire, it just so happened it was a trade the family made their own. They just so happened to be damn good at it.

Alaric Cantu, a boy who lost his parents early in life, under mysterious circumstances and is taken in by his grandmother, Amparo, grows up among the only family he has. His younger cousin Mattie, and Mattie’s father, known only as Cantu. His grandmother cannot stand the sight of her son and cannot even call him by his first name, Cantu accepts and even comes to embrace his persona, Cantu is a man shrouded in mystery and hushed whispers.

The Sins of the Family will be the first of the #4TrackDemo available for download in its entirety at Amazon and B&N. This version should emerge from its final edit around October, meanwhile I am linking up the free excerpts of all the stories from the #4TrackDemo as fast as I can. The cover art was one piece of the puzzle I needed before a final version could be considered.

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  • ceci says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Just reading the intro seems that this will be an interesting read, The Sins of the family. I look forward to reading more. Very good job.

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