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I have waited over twenty years to write these words and have them be truth:

I am now working full time as an indie author to publish my first of four books.

It is a fresh move, Friday August 19, 2011 was the last day of my two week notice at the company I reported to M-F and 9-5 for over 7 years. Those who know me personally know it has been a long meandering slog through valleys of frustration and oceans of doubt. Taking the reigns and declaring to the world that you intend to follow your dream is a very intimidating type of gut check. Yet after weighing the pros and cons of such a decision for the better part of a year, I felt that it was now or never for an audacious, albeit calculated risk.

This blog will be where I chronicle the ups and downs of this new journey. I considered keeping this more of a journal than a blog, but I figured if I make any bonehead mistakes along the way, I may be able to save another writer the hassle. Conversely, you as a reader of this blog (no matter how you wound up here today) please feel free to comment and offer your guidance and opinion. This is, after all is said and done, an endeavor of improvisation as well as writing. This business of self publishing and indie authorship is akin to the wild west as far as rules are concerned. So much of this process has yet to be written.

I decided to get this part of the site up and running as I hate to bore everyone with commercials for upcoming publish dates.

With that said.

The Sins of the Family (#TSOTF) the first complete, edited and published for download offering from #4TrackDemo will be available through smashwords in early October.  Late Summer Thunder (#LST) also from #4TrackDemo is already there and downloadable for free.

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