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One week has passed since my last update. I must admit the past week has been all I could hope and the situation in which I find myself is in itself quite interesting. One realization I’ve had is that I have to shake off some of the programming picked up in the corporate world. Before I embarked on this journey, if inspiration struck late at night or worse, in the middle of the night after waking from a dream, I had to really weigh the risk of staying up to document said inspiration carefully. To grasp the momentum gifted me and write all night brought with it the heavy penalty of a following day spent drag-assing around, making mistakes and general worthlessness.

It really hit home for me last night. It was a normal evening and I prepared to hit the sack and be up early again the next morning to get back to my writing. That morning I knocked out over 2K words before lunch and sketched out my next two chapters. It was a very productive day, but my muse wasn’t done with me yet. At about midnight a scene I had been avoiding hit me like a freight train and I had to get it all down. Dialogue, pacing, setting and correlations flashed through my mind’s eye. I had to hurry.  As I powered up my laptop and procured my favorite pen and my composition book I use for notes on The Sins of The Family, my brain stomped the brakes and all activity came screeching to a halt.


I did, I looked at the clock and calculated that if I got rolling right at that moment, then I could expect to hit the pillow at around 3am, it really wasn’t until I started to justify my actions that it hit me.

Working late into the night and into the early morning is okay now!

There is no retribution, I let it flow and catch all those words as they came to me. So I just started pounding away at the keyboard and caught all the words I could, trapping them in my computer, not letting this midnight thunderbolt pass me by because of an alarm that would chime at 5:45 am. An alarm that heralded a day spent in a perpetual fog and at least another day after that trying to catch up and undo all the damage I did the day before.

All told I grabbed 2500 new words last night. The Sins of The Family should have no problem meeting its October release date.

In related news, the free version of “SINS” that is the first few chapters from the #4track Demo should be up in 2 weeks! I will upload it as a PDF and E-PUB so that  no matter what platform you use to read, you will be able to grab the newly edited version.

That is it for today, thanks for reading my blog, next update should be next Tuesday.

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  • First, your use of “drag-assing” is inspired! Well done. 🙂

    Second, you’ve done a great job of capturing the feeling of a late night writing session, being caught in the sudden (and fickle) grasp of inspiration. Glad to hear that you’re able to run with it without any repercussions – sounds like you’re living the life!

    • jjdlg says:

      It is an education in what I thought I knew…on the regular! I have found that late night is the haunt of inspiration. Now that I own my daylight hours I find my inner editor dwells there, busily translating the flood of ideas from the previous night’s rampage.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • eden baylee says:

    Congrats on being on track for October….It’s difficult to rest when you live the life of a writer – your mind doesn’t stop.


    • jjdlg says:

      Now more than ever! You continue to inspire me, and even though our genres differ, I hope to change my avatar to mirror yours. Busily signing copies of the book I’ve been working so hard to loose on the world!

      Thanks again for commenting.

  • Dannie Hill says:

    jjdlg. Great post and look into the mind of a writer. It’s that feeling you get that won’t let go and you’re on a roll. Nothing else like it. Sleep is a nuisance, but your mind is working on your writing all the time.

    Best of luck with this new novel!

    Great post, Jacen.

    • jjdlg says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog Dannie, taking the risk during a bad economy to leave the 9 to 5 and try to make it work has been a sobering experience. Good luck right back at you, I feel truly blessed to be a writer in this era of social media. Can you believe how connected we all are? This would be unheard of only a few years ago.

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