The QR Code and How I plan to use it

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The QR Code: A great idea but will it catch on in real life?

I show people what this curious little piece of technology does and it is as if I’ve produced a rabbit from a hat. Don’t believe me? Grab your smart phone and if you have an app such as REDLASER for iPhone and scan the giant QR code at right, your phone will ask if you wish to visit my Facebook page.

Go on Try it!

The QR or “Quick Response” code is a special bar code designed to point bar code readers to websites, or more simply put, keeps user error from interfering with the input of a web address. When I tried it for the first time my mind went into scheme mode. How could I use this trick to get my word out to potential readers or just create some traffic? Then it hit me, it was low tech and cheap.

If I printed a small run of flyers with instructions on how to use it and link it to my site and a free sample download of my work and handed them out at a crowded event, I could track the traffic generated from that specific URL. Now to find a crowded event, then I remembered my fun down at First Friday.

This is a frequently occurring gathering with many of the types of people I would consider my target market. Some but not all of these venues having a very small percentage of Tapout apparel, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So that is the first stage of the experiment, I hope to have data to share before too much time goes by, all thanks to the hijacking of a piece of technology called the QR code.

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