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So there is some dust around here, links to pages published years ago dripping with the wide-eyed wonderment of an optimistic younger version of myself at the wheel. For a moment I considered deleting them, there is some really sketchy shit contained on those pages, but then I saw them for what they were. Those misguided posts, and ideas that misfired are all part of the process that is uniquely mine. They are the misshapen children of an idea that I cannot and will not give up on.

So what if the kids are ugly, they’re mine.

All of which leads me here. Chapter Five of The Sins of The Family is ready to be released, but the word limit per post on Reddit simply would not allow me to publish it as I needed it to be. Much is shared between Alaric and his uncle in Chapter Five, and it forced me to look for an alternate avenue to share the story. I would not chop the story any further to comply with the limits on Reddit. So I’ve raised the Titanic so to speak and decided to hotlink my page from Reddit when I publish. Now free from the word limit, and with the ability to stitch all the previous chapters together OR keep them serialized, I am in complete control.

I just wanted to explain what was happening with the change of venue for those tenacious souls who stick with this little story week after week. This is the only blog post I will share on Reddit.


I will however continue to link DIRECTLY to the chapters as they are released so that those interested may continue their journey along side the members of the Cantu family unfettered by word counts.

What will I think of this latest attempt to get my words out there in the next few years, only time will tell. I will, however, not have to look back after those years and wonder what would have happened had I tried just a bit harder.

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