What is the #4TrackDemo

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The #4TrackDemo, a crazy idea to get the word out.

For those of you who are new to my writing, this is my sample collection of the styles or genres that I have work in, well the first four at least.

Way back in my wild band days, before you could burn a CD from your computer, typically someone would get their hands on a Four Track recorder and record a few songs. In that case FOUR TRACK meant four lines in, so four mics would record drums, guitar and bass, lead guitar and vocals. Once recorded the tape would be handed out to as many people who would take it in hopes that it wold get into the right hands and this is the basic idea behind my #4TrackDemo. Although in this case the four tracks are four different stories.

This version is free and contains the first chapters of what will be my first published work available for purchase. Although that version will be entitled #4TackDebut but more on that later.

Currently a collection of unfinished works cannot be offered for download on Smashwords, so I have had to find ways around this. There are iterations of the #4track available, but I am currently rewriting one of the tracks called “The Sins of The Family” so it will be different than it looks on my posterous site HERE but that is where the current version resides until I move it onto my site here.

The list of stories is listed on the graphic at right, if you are familiar with my Facebook page then it will be very recognizable. I plan on using the tape style cover art with a few more tweaks in the near future.

There you have it, be sure to check back or follow me on Twitter or go and like my Facebook page to keep updated on when the finished versions are available.

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