The Return of The Red Pound

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Way back before affordable broadband and the wide variety of platforms that use it today, I worked on an idea…a website really, it must have been around 1997. The content of my little site was really just zine stuff, but way down deep at the core of it, the idea was to publish my own writing and sidestep the need for a publisher. Back then self publishing was still nearly impossible.

There was no Twitter or Facebook to get your name out there…no Kindle or Nook or iPads on which to share your works. There really wasn’t much of anything once the crazy beeping and gnashing of data of America Online ceased and signaled you had arrived on the internets. My little site existed though, no matter how small and I did have a logo for it, a red pound sign. In those dark ages no one had a cell phone, and to get back at people you had to page them.

Yeah I said it, page them.
There was no text so you had to get creative like #911, or #411 or #69, #666…you get the idea. The # meant info, it had meaning and that is why I used it.

Flash forward nearly a decade and a half…The pound sign becomes The #HASHTAG.
Mentioning something and want people to be able to search for it easily? Want to get a topic trending or make it really easy for Google to find it? Just add this nifty little character in front of your #topic and watch it run.
I say that to say this, if you follow @jjdlg or keep up with my FB updates, this blog or in the very near future check out my website, you’ll be seeing this icon a lot, and for good reason. The (#) is a way to group, categorize and list information. I wanted to address this early on because if you are not familiar with hashtags it can get confusing. I am using every tool I can get my grubby little hands on to get my work out there. Doing so means I am dusting off my trusty red pound sign, or as it is known now, my red hashtag. So be forewarned, topics that I reference like #4TrackDemo and #jjdlg and #50Mercury etc, will have this special character prefacing them. Visibility and indexing is why.

Turns out that way back in the day that little red pound sign from a now defunct website was just a little ahead of its time.

Looks like that time is now.

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