Why I love Smashwords

The Writing — By on June 26, 2011 at 1:54 pm

Back in April I uploaded one of my stories to a website I had read about called Smashwords.

I liked the site because as long as you had a halfway decently formatted manuscript, they would take it and grind it out into all the different versions needed to be read on the many platforms out there. Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Sony Reader and PDF for all the Nooks out there. All free of charge, or if you choose you can offer it for whatever amount you liked.

I chose free.

The reason I did this was that it was a test, I uploaded the story to see how the site worked and it worked pretty very well. I forgot about it and three days later went back to grab the link so that I could send it to a friend. There on my homepage after logging in I saw the number of downloads I had.


I had not tweeted about it, posted it to Facebook or even emailed the link to any friends. The site takes the work and uploads it to multiple lists and does a lot of that work for you. My story is still parked there and you can see it HERE as of today I am up at 220 downloads. Not too shabby for a first try.

I say that to say this, Mark Coker founded this website back in 2008 and had a vision of taking on the giants that had grown up to dominate the publishing world, I guess it is just the underdog lover in me, but I think I will be uploading most of my work through Smashwords for download. Of course the actual print on demand hard copies of my books will be found on Amazon and B&N, I like the idea and will continue to use it.

I emailed Mark to let him know how much I liked the site, but I don’t think he appreciated my candor, I advised him I would move “X” amount of copies through his site.

That X remains to be seen.

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