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The Sins of The Family; Chapter Three: One Last Stop

Chapter Three One Last Stop And I feel that time’s a wasted go, so where ya goin’ to tomorrow? And I see that these are lies to come. So would you even care? -Plush, Stone Temple Pilots     “Honk three times.” Said Mattie Alaric complied and the gate to Garcia’s Salvage and Towing...
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The Sins of the Family #TSOF Track One of the #4TrackDemo

I saw David’s work and knew immediately that it was right for The Sins of The Family. This gritty and hard nosed crime drama looks at the Cantu Family and explores their convoluted and violent rise to power. They didn’t set out to build a criminal empire, it just so happened it was a trade...
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Why I love Smashwords

Back in April I uploaded one of my stories to a website I had read about called Smashwords. I liked the site because as long as you had a halfway decently formatted manuscript, they would take it and grind it out into all the different versions needed to be read on the many platforms out there. Kindle,...
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